Friday, June 20, 2014

Signed Up With IPR License from England

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great work week and ready for the weekend?? After some review, I decided to join IPR License out of England. It is an international platform to license book rights around the world. The book will be included in the Beijing International Book Fair in the IPR License trade magazine. I am interested in making the book visible on a global scale. I got to visit New York City hosted Book Expo America the end of May. Made some great contacts and may have an international offer in Asia. I will see how that develops. I will post links when the magazine becomes available.

I had a great evening speaking to fellow NYC union female electricians last night about my book. I was invited to promote the book at the Amber Lights Club in Queens, New York last night. I ran out of books. There was a strong interest in my teen version of my book. Well, done with lunch. Gotta finish the work week strong in the next few hours!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

Leslie M. Jasper

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